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Active Energy Management Limited

The superior provider of engineering based efficiency solutions with the smartest, most dedicated people committed to one thing: Making our Customer’s businesses run faster, smoother and more efficiently.

Since 2000 has supported the technically demanding sectors of the construction, manufacturing, energy and operational fields in Hong Kong and overseas. We have diverse blue chip clients ranging from garment brands, to aerospace manufacturers and we enjoy a very high proportion of repeat business. We work with end clients, contractors and consultants. Our flexible approach usually leads to additional work, serving the evolving needs of our clients.

ServicesSpecialised Services

Energy Audit - Hotel-Industrial-Commercial
Energy Audit - Hotel Industrial Commercial

AEM audits your premises, plant and processes, provides a detailed Action Plan report covering energy and resource usage. The engineering-based advice will indicate clear, costed and achievable measures to save both energy and money.


Energy Management
Energy Management

Energy costs are a significant overhead for any organisation. By addressing energy use at a fundamental level, major savings can be achieved. Combine the expertise of AEM with your in-house teams to ensure you are performing at maximum efficiency.


Testing & Commissioning Management
Testing & Commissioning Management

Proper control in managing testing and commissioning of building services is vital for the successful completion of any project to make it work as reliably and efficiently as the designer intended.


AS4391 Hot Smoke Test Services
AS4391 Hot Smoke Test services

AEM has huge experience in AS4391 Hot Smoke Tests to verify correct performance of new and existing smoke management systems. We handle both consultancy processes with HKFSD and handle all on-site testing.


Safety Inspection and Survey
Thermal Imaging

Safe operation of mechanical plant, electrical services, fire safety etc is a responsibility that every business must take very seriously. AEM’s Safety Inspection services apply to all industries. Our engineering expertise and professional approach will allow you to operate with confidence.



Applying solid engineering practices with effective and realistic advice across all business sectors to enable the reduce and control natural resource consumption.



Solutions to problems our clients didn’t know they had.
Phil Healey - Director AEM

Energy Audit

Technical CapabilitiesTechnical Capabilities

  • Testing & Commissioning Management
  • Direct Commissioning Services
  • AS4391 Hot Smoke Testing Integrated Services
  • Construction Site Control and Project Management
  • Low Energy E&M Design
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Auditing (CAP 610 Registered Energy Assessors)
  • Carbon Audit (HK Registered Carbon Auditors)
  • Environmental & Indoor Air Quality Assessments
  • Water Cooled Air Conditioning Conversions
  • Facilities Management, Planning & Monitoring
  • Plant Failure Analysis and Trouble-shooting
  • Pool Entrapment assessment to BS EN 13451-3 + A2
  • Fire Systems and Electrical Integrity Audits to NFPA Standards
  • Thermal Imaging and Thermography to NFPA Standards

Engineering principlesHow we work?

Engineering principles and real world experience underpin all of our practices. Click below for some examples of the projects we undertake.

International clientsInternational clients

AEM has an extensive and growing client base throughout Eastern Asia. This includes China, Thailand, Australia, India, Vietnam, Cambodia etc.

Level of serviceLevel of service

Yes, we can engage in one-off projects, but we much prefer to build a relationship with your business and become a partner in the care of your infrastructure.

The environmentThe environment

The way everyone uses natural resources has consequences. How we act will determine the future experience of our children and their children beyond.